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Hydro Group Certification & Documentation

Instructions for care, handling and storage of our products.
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- Handling and Storage of Cable Drums
- HBE-OMP-007 - Instructions for Installation, Handling and Care of Hydrobond HRS Series Underwater Connectors

Environmental certification

- LRQA ISO 14001
Stage 1: Completed
Stage 2: Audited May 2011
- Environmental policy

A selection of Hydro Group accredited certification.

- LRQA ISO 9001:2008 (Hydro Group)
- LRQA ISO 9001:2008 (Hydro Bond)
- LRQA ISO 9001:2008 (Hydro Cables)
- DNV MSA No. R-2004 Rev 02
- Liability Insurance Certificate

Below can be found a range of standards referenced on this site.

API 17E (1998) Specification for SubSea production control Umbilicals. (second edition)
BS7917:1999 Elastomer insulated fire resistant (limited circuit integrity) cables for fixed wiring in ships and on mobile and fixed offshore units. Requirements and test meathods.
BS6883:1999 Elastomer insulated cables for fixed wiring in ships and on mobile and fixed offshore units, Requirements and test meathods
BS EN 60228:2005 Conductors of insulated cables
BS5467:1997 Electric cables. Thermosetting insulated, armoured ables for voltages of 600/1000 Volts and 1900/3300 Volts
BS7211:1998 Electric cables. Thermosetting insulated, non-armoured cables for voltages up to and including 450/750 Volts, for electrical power, lighting and internal wiring, and have low emmission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire.
IEC 60092-3 Electrical installations in ships
IEC 60092-375 Shipboard telecommunication cables and radio frequency cables. General instrumentatior control and telecommunication cables.
IEC 60332 Pt3 Tests on electric cables under fire conditions. Tests on bunched wires or cables
IEC 60331 Fire resistant characteristics of electrical cables
IEC 60754-1/2 Test on gases evolved during combustion of electric cables.
Part 1 : Determination of the halogen acid gas
Part 2 : Determination of the degree of acidity during the combustion of materials
IEC 61034-1/2 Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions.
CSA C22.2 No38-95 Thermoset insulated wires and cables - Wiring Products.
IEC 60502 Extruded solid dielectric insulated power cables for rated voltages from 1kV up to 30 kV
IEC 60092-350 Low voltage shipboard power cables. General construction and test requirements
IEC 60092-352 Choice and installation of cables for low voltage power system.
IEC 60092-351 Insulating materials of shipboard power cables.
IEC 60092-354 Single and three core power cables with extruded solid insulation for rated voltages 6 kV,10kV and 15kV
IEC 60092-359 Sheathing materials for shipboard power and telecommunication cables
IEC 60092-375 Shipboard telecommunication cables and radio-frequency cables. General instrumentation control and telecommunication cables.
ATS 1000.001 Preliminary combined fire hazard standard test procedure for non-metallic parts to be installed or employed in the pressurized portion of the fuselage of transport category aircraft.
NEK 606 Cables for offshore installation halogen free and or mud resistant.
NVE 1990 FEA-M Regulation for electrical installations - maritime installations.
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